Welcome to The Actor’s Garage!

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Private coaching student CREE CICCHINO with the cast of her latest hit NETFLIX Show, MR. INGLESIAS,

Long time classes and private coaching student, JACK MESSINA on his NBC hit show MANIFEST

Private coaching student, SKY KATZ, from DISNEY'S, RAVEN'S HOME

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Long time class and private coaching student, DREW POWELL and Ann on the set of the Brian Cranston produced, AMAZON show - DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS

CREE CICCHINO and SKY KATZ, drop in on an IMPROV MASTER CLASS at the actor's garage LONG ISLAND

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Ryan Connors back form LA after filming 3 SAG National Commercials!



We have had another amazing year of actors booking jobs!

Once again, we have current and alumni actors appearing on NETFLIX, NBC, DISNEY, Nickelodeon, Broadway, Off Broadway, CBS, Several Films and too many Commercials to count.  In addition, we have added a superior Musical Theater Program that has already gotten 3 of our stars representation!

Cree Cicchino with her cast of the Netflix hit, Mr. Inglesia.


The actor’s garage is home to some of the best talent in the young talent industry. Cree Cicchino has another huge hit on her hands with Netflix, Mr. Inglesias, Jack Messina is back on NBC, Manifest, Sky Katz continues to kill it on tour and on Disney’s Raven’s home.

We recently added Musical Theater to our schedule taught by Victoria Di Carol, known for her understanding an actors life, unique sets and passion for growing children’s dreams!

Have a budding actor in your family? Are YOU a budding actor?  Would you like to  get into the audition world? Well, at he end of each and every class at he actors garage, we have an Industry Showcase, attended by the best agents and managers in the business.

So many of the great actors you see on TV, in Film and on Broadway, started at the actor’s garage.

Congrats to long time student, TESS ROMERO on her starring role in the new DISNEY+ ‘DIARY OF A FEMALE PRESIDENT

In fact, many of  these actors got their representation from one of the actor garage showcases.  And in fact (lots of facts here!), each begin the  process of getting these roles, by a self tape that was coached and filmed at the actor’s garage.

Drew Powell and Ann Gray Graf on the set of “DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS”

Ann is  the  founder of The Actor’s Garage.  Before opening the actor’s garage, Ann was an experienced actress and stand-up comedienne and has appeared on TV in a number of popular dramas as a featured or co-starring role. She trained and coached many professional actors using a unique technique; make the actor comfortable enough, to feel inspired to let their true natural person become part of the character, and then bring it to life! My goal is not only to produce good actors, but to create better prepared individuals for a healthy productive life!

While Ann only teaches the professional classes now, we have amazing teachers to get your started and on your way into one of Ann’s classes! Ryan Connors, just back form LA where he worked on 3 National commercials, will be teaching, as is Victoria DiCarol.  If you can’t commit to an entire session, try a mini session or one of our unique workshops!  All workshops will be taught by teachers and an industry professional!
Join us today!!

We love what we do, and do what we love.

Michael Lee Brown of Dear Evan Hansen teaching one of his sold out workshops!

Hope to meet you soon!