Class Descriptions


The only class I’ve ever taken is actor’s garage. I went to Ann when I was 4, and booked Marley and Me when I was 5. I’ve learned a lot about acting and I’ve made some great friends. I still take classes today and will continue to take them for a long time. Ann always has my back. — Ben Hyland – Marley & Me, Across Grace Alley, The Strain, Voice of Charmin,

The Actor’s Garage acting classes teach 4 to 23 year olds the skills they need to understand script copy, develop believable characters, how to audition, and the steps to obtaining a manager or agent. Focused on TV and commercial acting, our online acting videos provide the basic tools of concentration, relaxation, and improvisation. These tools will teach your child to be more outgoing, trusting, and have the self-confidence to be comfortable in a group situation.

Our classes teach positive reinforcement and encouragement to build a young actor’s self-esteem and help them believe in themselves.

Whether your child is very young (4 to 6 years old), or a tween and beyond (7 and up), The Actor’s Garage offers acting classes suitable for their specific learning abilities:

Young Tweens – 4 to 6 Year Olds

Comprised of a variety of age-appropriate acting games (such as our take on the classic, “Duck, Duck, Goose”) to creative outlets like storytelling, our Young Tween classes will get your youngster excited about acting. Our main goal is to have fun and build self-esteem, but along the way we focus on the early listening skills and verbal communication that kids need to move past parallel play and work together as an ensemble.

Tweens – 7 to 9 Year Olds & Teens – 10 Years and Older

Utilizing what are known as “The Ten Basics of Acting,” classes in this age range focus on age appropriate relaxation, concentration, improvisation skills, and character analysis. These actors are encouraged to develop their imaginations by using different improvisations. We provide a deeper understanding of the craft of acting by exploring commercial copy, delivering monologues, and creative storytelling.


A great introduction to the art of improv. These classes focus on “Yes and”, “No one word answers”, Never saying no” and more. This also gives the actors an idea on what a real scene or monologue should sound like.

Scene Study

This is the next level of acting. Actors use contemporary scenes from some of the most popular shows on TV now to become familiar with scene study technique. The technique of spontaneity, truthfulness and making the scene conversational. Being prepared and yet making it seem as its the first time the actor has ever said the words.

Refund Policy

We offer a full refund after the first class. No refunds are available thereafter.