I want to be a Celebrity!!!

Today, we are surrounded by “CELEBRITY” without any real talent to get there.  What?! Who said  say Kim Kardasian? Not me!

When actors tell me they want to be rich and famous, or a parent says “my child is going to be so famous, they’ll be supporting me!” I have the same thought…Want to be rich and famous? Buy a lottery ticket (if you are over 18) – the odds are better!

But…if you want to be an actor I say you’re in the right place.  You may only act in community plays, school plays, or in a class, but you can act! This weekend I went to a High School Production of Legally Blonde and was inspired watching these young actors giving 110% on a local stage. For these actors, they were on Broadway!  

As an actor, I will tell you, I think about acting every day. I love every second I spend in the acting world, teaching, auditioning, getting rejected – yes even that!  Getting rejected means I’m in it! I’m not sitting around doing nothing about my my dream.   Treat every moment acting as if it’s “THE” moment! 

Taking the first steps to becoming a professional actor comes when you sign up for classes! Don’t wait – get going!!!


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